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popcorn ceiling removal

How we remove popcorn ceilings:


First we cover the room in plastic, then wet the ceilings.  Some popcorn ceilings come down easier than others.   You never know until you start scraping. We make sure to add the right amount of water to the popcorn ceilings.  If you add too much it becomes a muddy mess - if you add too little then the popcorn is hard to take down.  It needs to be just right.... 

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Now that the popcorn ceiling is down...

It's time to sand the old drywall...You want to sand it to remove any of the old popcorn ceilings and give yourself a clean smooth surface to work with.  At this time some people choose to skip the re-texturing and go a head to the final step and that's paint. .


You can same money by doing that but you get what you pay for. The texture is there for a reason. It hides any imperfections in the old drywall and gives you a great look. If you go straight to paint you will always see some cracks and rough areas. We can can re-texture for you at an additional cost and I think it's money well spent.

Finnished Product

Now this is a room you can live with!!!  No more popcorn ceilings.  We scraped and sanded the popcorn ceiling clean, hand re-textured using skip trowel, giving the ceilings a custom look....

A close up look at the brand new ceilings...No more popcorn ceilings here. :)


Popcorn ceiling removal for as little as $100 per room at www.ceilingscraping.com

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